Tea in the Garden: Tea and Flowers

Delve into the world of Tea in the Garden: Tea and Flowers for an intoxicating look at the beauty of flowers and their connection to tea.  Flowers have had a historical relationship with tea for centuries by either being directly linked to tea through culture or blended in with the tea leaves and consumed. We know tea is wonderful on its own but the taste is enchanting when a flower is combined with the already perfect leaves!  Tea can be sweet, delicate, and velvet-like to strong, bold and full-bodied depending on how the tea leaves are processed and the type of flowers chosen to enhance their flavor.  There is no better blend than a fine tea enjoyed in the company of a lovely bouquet of flowers picked fresh from the garden. Tea and flowers are, and will always be, intertwined! Please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F1Y4ZMX


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