Tea in the Garden: Tea and Spices

Tea in the Garden: Tea and Spices is an in depth look at the ancient relationship between tea and spices. There is more to spices than jars in the local supermarket, tea is more interesting than a box of bargain tea bags.  Both tea and spices have travelled long and exotic paths to become the items used daily all over the world.  

The book will look at the following intriguing questions: What defines a spice?  Is a spice the same as an herb or other blooming plant?  Do spices grow in the same regions as tea?  How many different types of teas are there?  What are the spices in masala spiced tea?  

Delicious recipes are found at the end of some chapters highlighting the spices mentioned.  

The search for the mystical source of spices was the beginning of man’s discovery of the New World, starting in the early 15th century right up to the 17th century. By land along the famous Tea Horse Trail and over seas via the Spice Route, spices and tea were in great demand, wars were fought over the control of theses trade routes.

Come along on this magical carpet ride as we travel to far away lands and visit ancient, magnificent cultures to uncover the mystery of tea and spices! Please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F1V3H8D


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