Tea in the Garden: Tea Wares


Tea in the Garden: Tea Wares is a detailed insight to the ceramics industry focusing on the historical aspects of tea wares. 

From the toy sets for children’s tea parties to the fineness of delicate bone china teacups, porcelain in its various forms has been part of our daily lives for centuries. It was created in China thousands of years ago and adopted by the West where it changed Western culture forever.  Tea in the Garden: Tea Wares looks at the key to Chinese porcelain, various Asian tea wares, ceramics and glazes.  Then we go back in time to pay tribute to the Master Potters who made the beautiful items we collect.  The book continues with tea and tradition, the meaning behind the backstamp, a detailed look at my Yellow Tea Rose collection, more of my personal tea ware is shared and finally the fun and whimsy side of tea.

Whether its a make believe party held by a child for their dolls and stuffed animals, a bridal shower, or just a nice afternoon tea shared between friends, tea wares bring a sense of nostalgia to our every day lives.

 I love teacups they are pretty, feminine, and historically interesting.  Photographing flowers in teacups is just one more way to bring my flower garden inside my home. 

I really enjoy sharing these books with you!  Pleas visit  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P438TFZ


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  1. Sheri says:

    Books look so beautiful and informative! You have a beautiful garden and you always make tea and gardening so interesting!

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