Tea in the Garden: Tea Lovers & Plant Hunters

Tea in the Garden: Tea Lovers and Plant Hunters moves fluidly from the past to the present. The book explores how tea leaves China, how ships especially the tea clippers were responsible for the evolution of the tea trade, how pirates made trade terrifying, the sensational tea dynasties many of whom are still in business hundreds of years later, tea in the home, how the craze for new and interesting plants changed society, and even more changes occurred as wonderful new plants were being bred.  The book looks at some of the surprising tea drinking celebrities and finally a quick peek into tea in modern times. 

Many of the historic plant hunters, plant collectors, naturalists, botanists, illustrators and even a pirate were all avid tea drinkers! Tea blends this book together and the relationship it has with plants and people is nothing short of remarkable. Tea is both the past and the present so I wonder what the future of tea will look like? Please visit  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F1SZKHK



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