Tea in the Garden: a Tea “four” the Seasons


I am pleased to announce my new book is now ready!  This book is about the relationship plants have with the universe.  The moon, sun and planets are all connected to life on earth.  The book explores the concept of time, especially the fascinating ways people kept time, time is something we take for granted but imagine a world where people did not know the day of the year and had to rely on the sky and the seasons!  Tea and flowers both tie in with the seasons by exploring teas and flowers for each season and each zodiac sign.  Come and discover the hidden world of Astrological Herbalism and the little known Doctrine of Signatures!  My new book tea in the Garden: A Tea “four” the Seasons reminds us we are all connected!

Please go to the attached iTunes link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/tea-in-the-garden-a-tea-four-the-seasons/id1299418829?ls=1&mt=11


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