Tea in the Garden: Tea Leaves and Cherry Blossoms

This lovely book  provides a glimpse into the enchanting world of the Japanese tea culture and especially the pretty sakura.  Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom!  The cherry trees bloom for such a short time demonstrating the fleeting beauty of nature and the importance of slowing down and admiring its ever changing beauty.  Tea in the Garden: Tea Leaves and Cherry Blossoms is a peek into a country of contrasts.  Japan is steeped deeply in tradition on one hand and forward thinking and modern on the other. This book will look into the mysteries of the Japanese culture from a Canadian perspective by highlighting the similarities of both countries. Even though we are separated by an ocean, Japan and Canada share many things: a love of the Cherry Blossom Festival is one, Vancouver has thousands of cherry trees bursting to life every spring.  Also, for a special occasion, we will spend a wonderful afternoon taking tea in one of the Japanese Tea Houses found throughout the city. Along with tea and the cherry blossoms Canadians love gardening, ikebana flower arranging and bonsai trees.  Both Japan and Canada share a special relationship with the natural world.  Japanese culture is both simple and complicated at the same time, it’s a culture that strives to keep old world customs and Eastern philosophies alive all while boldly blazing the trail as the leaders of tomorrow. There is simply no other place on earth like Japan!  Please visit the link:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P438ZBDIMG_5437 (1)


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