Tea in the Garden: The Root of Tea

Ready to get to the root of tea?  Tea in the Garden: The Root of Tea is a look at tea from different perspectives.  Tea’s historic roots in ancient times is explored, leaves, stems, roots provide insight into the different types of teas. Many countries in the world grow tea, where does the tea plant root is an in depth look at these beautiful regions.  Tea comes from a big plant family, discover the familiar and surprising plants related to Camellia sinensis.  A fun chapter is the route to a tea adventure, as there is a booming business in tea tourism.  Also tea bag or loose leaves, which team do you root for is an entertaining look at each style of tea drinking.  Learn about the root chakra and ways to live a balanced life, including drinking tea for its health benefits.  

The book is an entertaining journey about the roots and routes of the second most consumed beverage after water, TEA!


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