Lilac Hill

This page is named for my new garden “Lilac Hill” as the name states the garden is on a hill with a lovely view of the surrounding cliffs of Mowat Bay as well as a seasonal view of Powell Lake. The property was purchased in September 2018, it is a 1/4 acre. There is a very large rhododendron, an interesting spruce tree and a lovely big apple tree. Other than these established plants there is no other landscaping. Scroll down to see the amazing changes!

As you can see its a lot of work starting from scratch especially on a property that has never been landscaped. Lots of handwork….let the transformation begin!

Summer is here now and after digging up thousands of rocks the garden is looking really good!

The months are going by fast, here are a few before and afters of the work done so far. remember the mess in the top photo? Now its a lovely bed full of sun-loving perennials!

The front too has a new bed, I used the rocks for edging…you can’t beat them, join them!

The front bed is primarily full sun, the deer can be a pain so I splash egg white and blood meal on the plants. Once they know they don’t like it they seem to be staying away…for now!