Botanical Interests

White Shaggy Shasta daisy from my dear friend Edie Hollis

DAISIES grow really well in the West Coast climate and I have a number of varieties growing in my garden Lilac Hill. Generally speaking a daisy is a perennial plant with upright stems and evergreen leaves. Most people don’t know a daisy is made up of disk florets and petal-like, ray florets. The disk florets are at the center and the ray florets are at the edges but they are arranged to give the impression of being a single flower. This arrangement on Daisies is a type of inflorescence known as a capitulum. Daisies can spread if left unchecked but to me this makes them great for dividing to share with other gardeners. Many of my plantar from garden friends!

Yellow daisy ‘Rea Dream’ given as a gift from my friend Sharon for my birthday, I love it the creamy yellow shows nicely against the green foliage

I have two pretty little daisies, one with pink flowers named ‘Pink Jewel’ and the other one is ‘Azure Fairy’, it has purple flowers, they are known as Fleabane daisies or Erigerons. True jewels of the garden with a showy, summer-long display.

Erigeron ‘Azure Fairy’

One of my favourite daisies is from the genus Leucanthemum , a member of the aster family. Leucanthemum is from the Greek word leaks meaning white and anthomon meaning flower. My plant is called ‘Sunnyside Up’.

I love how they look like white pom poms!

My oldest daisy is my white shasta, it has the classic daisy appearance of a white centre surrounded by long white petals. It was one of my first gifts dating back to 1998 when I was just starting my Maple Ridge garden. When we moved it came with us. I can’t even count the number of times I have shared it with other gardeners, it has never let me down.