Speaking at UBC Botanical Gardens

I was recently invited to speak at the F.O.G.S. meeting at the University of British Columbia, F.O.G.S. stands for Friends of the Garden Society, a dedicated group of people who tend to and study the amazing flora and fauna growing at the UBC Botanical Gardens.


With much enthusiasm I gave my presentation called “Teas from Around the World” which looks at the 5 types of tea-white, green, oolong, black and pu’erh and shows the relationship each tea has with a specific plant.  For example a famous white tea is white peony so I talked about white tea and the cultural significance peonies have in Chinese culture.img_5038-1

After the presentation I walked around and took pictures of the area, UBC Botanical Gardens is right at the western  tip of Vancouver on the university grounds overlooking the water.  If it had been a clear day one could look out and see Vancouver Island off in the distance.

Of course I could not drive this far without doing a little shopping!  I bought a viburnum ‘Rose Dawn’.


For more information on UBC Botanical Gardens please visit http://botanicalgarden.ubc.ca


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